Your website will be responsive and built to engage your clients and prospective clients across a variety of platforms and devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, widescreen TVs, and computers. The most common question I hear people ask is “What is the website development process?”

I make the website development process straightforward & stress-free.

Together, you and I will work through a five-step process to create a dynamic, engaging, responsive, and compelling website. Your new website will provide the perfect showcase for your products or services.

  1. Consultation: An initial discussion of your needs, goals, and aspirations. I’ll ask you to send me some examples of websites that you love and don’t know why. That’s the secret sauce. I’m looking to put the “you” into your website.Your potential customers and clients want to work with someone who is just like them. Therefore, my end goal is to create a website that reflects you and attracts customers who will spend time and money with you!
  2. Design:  I don’t use templates. I custom-build a website for you. And, the cost is not higher than a website that uses a cookie-cutter template. This way, I can design a website that appeals to the eyes cuts through the clutter, guides your visitor, and ultimately grows your brand.
  3. Fine Tuning: After its launch, I’ll keep tweaking and adjusting. Together, we will review your site and evaluate elements. I will ensure your goals are on target and implement necessary changes.
  4. Training: If you are interested, I can teach you how to harness your website’s extraordinary power. You’ll learn how to add, update and delete blog posts and pages. You’ll learn to enhance your site with videos and photos. I’ll show you strategies to add proper search descriptions for SEO rankings.Training takes place through one or two Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime sessions scheduled at your convenience.
  5. Additional Support: Technology evolves, issues arise, and businesses change. I am promptly available to answer questions, troubleshoot, and find solutions.

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Typically completed within 7 days to 2 weeks.

Every project is custom-designed.

Professional, friendly & easy-to-understand service.

Every website can be easily updated and changed by you moving forward – no more “tied to the hip of a web developer” situations.

Your new website will include self-managed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) areas for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and the like. This keeps you out of the clutches of tricky, unscrupulous SEO *experts.*

website development process

Simplify the confusion.

I make sure you need a website developer and not a software developer.
This way, we can talk apples-to-apples which keeps you on the right track.

Break the myths.

Often new clients who come to me are in the crosshairs of unscrupulous people who refer to themselves as SEO experts.
They spread paranoia and promise high Google rankings.
My clients are firmly in control of their SEO and Google ranking destiny.

I offer tons of added value.

I am creative when working with budgets.
It’s my way of life and how I serve relationships.

Website Developer & Clients must be a perfect pairing.

My services are not always a good fit for everyone.
If you and I are not a match, I will provide you with the next step.
But we won’t know unless we talk. I’d love to hear about your project and what’s important to you.

Get a Quote or Some Friendly Advice