Is Powerknacks a scam?

Is the Powerknacks eCommerce Shopping website and company a scam? Yes, it is a scam website. And more concerning, they are harvesting the credit card information of unsuspecting shoppers.

I purchased a Multifunctional Laundry Rack from Powerknacks after seeing their advertisement  on Instagram. It took me to the shopping website for It looked legitimate, but with deeper digging, I discovered too late that it is a scam enterprise. They have a Facebook page, not populated with any content other than a phone number that is disconnected.

The website uses Woocommerce and is designed to look like a professional, legitimate shopping website. But as I dug deeper, there was no publicly accessible contact form, address for the company, nor a phone number. However, in the past two days they have added these elements, I suspect due to the huge number of customers who are reversing charges with their credit cards companies. Powerknacks is scrambling to try and fool more people. They have discounted their original “discounted” pricing by another 50%.

The “ABOUT” Powerknacks link in the navigation menu of the website did go to an error page and shows they are using Cloudflare DNS so the hosting DNS cannot be tracked. In the past few days they have created an About page and a Contact page. This is weeks after I first made my purchase. The address on the contact page shows an address in China.

You are never asked to set up an account on Powerknacks when checking out with your purchase, this is because they don’t want you returning to the site to login and track your Powerknacks purchase.

Because I’m a web developer and understand the underlying pages of Woocommerce and most websites, I was able to uncover a contact form. I used this form to ask about my purchase, they did not reply until I contacted my credit card company and the credit card company reversed the charges. Then Powerknacks sent to me an email stating they had shipped my Multifunctional Laundry Rack and that I received it and asking me to please allow my credit card company to process the purchase, which I will not do. The email had misspellings and bad punctuation.

On the email is this name and address and a quick google maps search for the address shows an empty parking lot in Florida, USA:

4817 Star Trek Drive, Youngstown, FL, 32466

4817 Star Trek Drive, Youngstown, FL 32466

Antonia Mac
Senior Customer Service Representative
4817 Star Trek Drive
Youngstown, FL 32466

A few weeks ago I received a silicone band (like a big rubberband). The return shipping address was a generic shipping firm in Poland. There was no shipping invoice inside and no return address of the sender. This came in a very small envelope. I have now uncovered that this was Powerknacks way of trying to prove they had shipped the Multifunctional Laundry Rack that I ordered from them. This allows them to “prove” to my credit card company that they shipped the order. Being that this is the product I did not order, according to credit card terms I must take this up with the seller. Well guess what, the terms in Powerknacks says I must take it up with the shipping company. This is the most recent scam technique in finding loopholes.

ALL REVIEWS ON THE PRODUCTS ARE FAKE – they originate in Russia and China with some in Spain. All reviews are 5-star. The same people are reviewing multiple products. The shipping costs for the large, heavy items they sell is only $5.95. This is impossible for these products but would cover a flimsy silicone band.

IF YOU RESIDE IN THE UNITED STATES or the EUROPEAN UNION, please share your experience in the comments below. I will delete comments that originate from Russia, China, and areas that are notorious for SPAM and SCAMS.


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